10 Tips on SEO for Your Apps Position in Google Play or App Store

Apps SEO Google Play or App Store

The positioning of mobile Apps in the Marketplaces being has long been a major issue, since every day new applications come to market, so you know how to position an application on Google Play or App Store regarding its jurisdiction, maybe a differentiating factor when measuring the success or failure of your application’s SEO.

play store optimization

play store optimization

Today, the two largest distributors worldwide mobile applications are the Apple Store and Google Play, (in which Google Play has more than 3 million Apps and App Store has more than 2 million apps as of the first quarter in 2021).

so that we can position a given app, marking it out from other competitors, can be work complicated.

The main factors in which Google and Apple is set to sort your results in Google Play and App Store can be summarized as:

app store optimization

app store optimization

How to increase app ranking in App Store or Play Store;


  1. Application Name
  2. Application URL
  3. Tagged with keywords
  4. Categorize the application
  5. Application Description
  6. Icons and screenshots
  7. Promotional video
  8. Number of downloads
  9. Customer Reviews about the application
  10. Social Recommendations


  • Application Name

It is very important the application name as it will have a major impact on both the internal positioning of Google Play and App Store, in other search engines.

If you want to use an application as branding or business, you should include the name of the application keyword regarding the brand or industry in question, but yes, with care, as if using a trademark.

(Example: “Coke” or “Apple”) we will ask for verification of ownership over it.


  • Application URL

The application URL is generated automatically based on the file name to go up to the Marketplace, so include different keywords in the file name is a little trick to make these appear in the URL of the App


  • Tagged with keywords

That an application may or may not appear when you search on Google Play or App Store, may depend largely on the Keywords that have been selected, so it is very important to choose them thinking “how the user would perform the search to try to address that.”

Include Keywords of competition or have no connection with the application, may result in penalties in the marketplace, or even reject it.


  • Categorize the application

An application can fit into different types of categories, so you know what category to position selection, and succeed in the election is another success factor when positioning an App on Google Play or App Store.

  • Application Description

This description should include essential information about the application, moreover focusing on their strengths and characteristics that make it unique.


  • Icons and screenshots

Put icons and images striking has a great influence in attracting clicks and downloads.

select the most representative and striking images of the application.

It is important that images are appropriate to the size and format requirements of Google Play or App Store, because in this way we will ensure freedom from so-called “decapitation” in the selected images.


  • Promotional video

Play Google to associate “trailers” video to visually demonstrate how the performance of our application.

It is shown that video- trailers increase the number of facilities and acquisition-for apps -payment applications.


  • Number of downloads

Obviously, the larger the number of downloads it has an application, the Google Play and App Store positioned higher on your ranking.

It becomes the same as in the Google search: The more popular a result (an application in this case) will be better positioned in the list of search results.

  • Customer Reviews about the application

The views of users for different applications are fundamental position when an application on the marketplace of Google Play (the same thing happens in the Apple Store). The more votes have positive applications, best positioned in the ranking of Google Play.


  • Social Recommendations

Voting using the “+1” and the number of recommendations in Twitter,  or other popular social platforms are taken into account for Apps SEO in Google Play or App Store when ordering the results.

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