10 Tips on Which to Build a Successful Freelancing Career in 2021

Tips for Freelancing Career in 2021

Of course, there are no generally valid tips that apply to every situation and for every self-employed alike. Nevertheless, I’ve gathered some of my own experiences and I hope in this way to pass on helpful tips and recommendations to other Freelancer (or expectant Freelancing) Career in 2021.

Below are top 10 Tips for Freelancing Career in 2021

  1. Show enough determination
  2. Give the thing time
  3. It is not easy
  4. Stay inspired
  5. Do not lose the fun in your work
  6. Stay true to yourself
  7. Challenge you even
  8. Pick role models
  9. Do not get distracted
  10. Showing Resistance


  • Show enough determination

So many times I’ve read that you cannot miss creating a backup plan cope if it does not work with the autonomy but should. I consider this proposal to be honest is very dangerous. Because I think it is most important, that you 100% believe in yourself and fully stand behind the step to independence. Dealing with an alternative solution, just in case it works but not with the Freelancing is not, therefore, in my view, really the right attitude.


  • Give the thing time

If you do everything yourself completely put on the legs need it is actually no wonder that everything takes a little longer than you had planned, or as it is loving.

So you should always schedule a time buffer and not the same despair (or rather begun to doubt) if the orders are not immediately rowed land in your inbox.

Especially Web businesses have a reputation for being on the web, everything is much easier and faster.

But honestly, I see not much difference between a web business, and a café or other “normal” business. There, they always say that it takes three years to have something built.

This time I feel really very reasonable.


  • It is not easy

Determines many of us initially had a slightly naive vision of life as a freelancer. No boss, no fixed working hours, a lot more free time … The reality, of course, a little different, and just at the beginning of independence, it is actually almost normal that you work a lot more and have less free time.

Finally, one must first build something and make a name for himself. But as a consolation for the lack of free time, it is as a freelancer but also a lot of free, one’s work is self-determined and therefore, in my view, makes a lot more fun.


  • Stay inspired

In addition to hard work and determination, but it is at least as important, is not even work off, because without fresh energy and inspiration are usually a not very far.

Pick a healthy substitute for the work you are neglecting and under any circumstances, no matter how much work awaits. Do sports, enjoy nature, do not begrudge you a trip or a trip or meet you at a relaxed exchange with friends or other freelancers.


  • Do not lose the fun in your work

Of course, one does not always make all facets of a job fun. However, you should try to always be honest with passion and commitment to the cause. Falling one, not always easy, and everyone has good and bad days.

But overall, you should always be passionate about at work, so that you can be proud of your own performance.


  • Stay true to yourself

Even if you are of course happy to take any order at the beginning of yourself, you should take a job where you do not feel good. If you have the feeling that the customer wishes to take advantage of you, or just do not appreciate your work, you’d better cancel.

After all, you’re your own boss and in most cases, it’s not worth it to work together with a client who does not share the same attitude of collaboration.


  • Challenge you even

It can be difficult to motivate yourself and to make the best possible job when you have not necessarily (eg, from a boss) is forced.

But you should always challenge yourself and set a high standard for yourself. Because challenges can be very positive, you can learn a lot to improve your work and gain new experiences.


  • Pick role models

Without inspiration and role models, it is as a freelancer sometimes hard to stay on the right path.

Often you have no colleagues and working from home, as it is particularly important that you are looking for role models, you can track their work and the one in your own work inspired.


  • Do not get distracted

To become self-employed or to work independently is not always easy, and it can easily happen that you can be distracted or intimidated and is inclined to desist from their plan.

Especially if not many successes of your work are visible, it is seen for friends and family to be difficult, in what direction you want to go and what you’re planning. Especially in this early stage, it actually goes out completely, if you believe in yourself and your own way and you know what you can really achieve.


  • Showing Resistance

My last tip is to remain steadfast and not give up quickly. Sometimes the progress of your work may not be immediately apparent, or you’re working on a difficult, tedious job.

But even when things are not going so well, you should adhere to your plan and do not give up too soon. If you are really convinced that you’re on the right track, it is important that you are also in a difficult phase resistant to further work.

Usually, it runs then after a short time again easier, you’ll get great feedback and a new job, and your resistance and professionalism paid off.

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