15 Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know

15 Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know

Essential cooking tips everyone should know 

Every beginner or professional who sets their foot in a kitchen needs to understand some basics. Here are some simple cooking tips you should know about it. These few cooking tips we could all remember to do to make things go right in the kitchen. Here, 15 most-used cooking tips for beginners.


  • You don’t need a gazillion utensils. In your daily cooking, a basic kitchen knife will do most of the work. Learn to use that properly.
  • Keep it simple. This is always not true that if there are several ingredients which would say about the taste of the dish you are going to make. Go for dishes you can make in 20 to 40 minutes with 5 to 8 ingredients.
  • Keep a notebook. Gather a list of recipes and dishes you do regularly. Expand gradually with new stuff. Don’t just buy cookbooks you never really use.
  • Adding is easy, removing is hard. Some people may argue to liberally add butter and seasoning. Tastes differ, though. It is totally fine to put in less if that’s what matters to you and you fancy.
  • How do ingredients act when you combine them? What happens afterward when you put them in a pot or a pan and apply heat?
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes. Also, never pretend you know better than the recipe itself. Especially if you never made a recipe before.
  • Try to figure out where it went wrong, and either watch out for a different recipe or retrace your steps on the method to see what you could do better.
  • Learn basic cutting techniques for cutting vegetables.
  • Learn cooking techniques.
  • Always be cleaning. Do you have idle time? Clean the sink.
  • A microwave is your friend
  • Sharpen / Hone your knives
  • Do not rush, especially when using sharp equipment.
  • Clean as you go. Try to clean every item that you use as soon as you are done with it so that there isn’t a mountain of cleaning up afterward. 
  • Trust yourself!
  • Two things for beginners:

    First, taste as you cook. At different stages of cooking, while safe (not raw meat) it better to taste your food as you cook it. This will make you understand if u need something more or less or if you have too much of something or too little. 

    Second, if you’re just starting out and don’t know which spices to buy. Pick a specific cuisine you like. Are you a fan of Italian food? Focus only on just that Italian recipes for some time. Mostly use matching herbs and spices because the cuisine of the area used what they had available to them. This will let you learn a lot of recipes without having to buy large amounts of spices to make them work. Eventually, you will build up a good stock and be set to handle most things.

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