9 Tips How to Improve Our Productivity at Work 2021

Tips to improve productivity at work

Tips to Improve Productivity at Work

We know that the Internet is full of distractions and I’m sure that more than once we have all fallen into the traps that we put the network: some addictive new Facebook photo album of the trip from a friend, a funny video on YouTube which then leads to another and another … mail tray full, the friend who disappeared six months ago but suddenly writes Gtalk and wants to catch up, finally, there are many possibilities and it is really easy to waste an entire morning with any of them.

But all is not that bad, the Internet also has opened for us a world of possibilities, especially for those who want to earn some extra money working from home.

Many who wrote in Hipertextual we do, we work elsewhere, are scattered throughout the world and we take our spare time to write about what we love.

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is it necessary to have a discipline at work?

Like this, there are dozens of occupations that can be done entirely online, but considering the distractions, and temptations, which I mentioned in the previous paragraph is necessary to have a discipline, order, and enormous powers of concentration to avoid falling into them even when we are online most of the day.

is it necessary to have a discipline at work?

There is much that we’ve talked about productivity here in Techlitic, but are never over some tips to improve our performance when working online.

I confess to not always easy to stick to these “rules”, but the greater our engagement with them the better the results.

Here are some Tips to improve productivity at work.

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  • The key to everything is in the organization. If we organize our tasks and distribute them properly on daily planning the chances of failure are very low.


  • The secret to a good organization is in the lists, at least I work incredibly and therefore recommend them. Getting up an hour or two before my workday formally to create a list of tasks and assign priorities to each of them lets me know, very early on, as will be my day-or at least have an idea. The priorities indicate where you should start and which tasks could “put off until tomorrow” if it does not reach the day for all.


  • E-mail can be your best friend, but poorly managed can become one of the worst enemies of productivity.Apply some techniques to manage the inbox more efficiently, filter the messages, and addresses the most important early in the morning, 30 minutes is enough, and manage your time.There are tools to help with handling mail, especially if you use Gmail.


  • Stay away from those sites that you know you will lose time. Disable notifications, or your favorite Twitter client, ‘Forget Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Concentrate fully on your task list, after meeting them have time for leisure.


  • If you do not work independently from home, but you do it the traditional way for a company and within an office, eventually heads will realize how you are wasting your time and probably block access to your favorite sites.


  • Turn off the phone, or put it on silent, when you need a higher level of concentration. Sometimes calls come in when we are busy and are usually of no consequence.If you know your most productive hours, educate your family and friends not to call you during these hours if there is something really important.

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  • Keep a bottle of water near the desk where you work, you’ll save a lot of time if you do not have to get up to get water whenever you’re thirsty, but if you drink too much will waste time going to the bathroom. Many think that it is something “extreme”, but it works.Also, if you work in an office where you share space with others, whenever you wake to generate a distraction for your colleagues, consider this.


  • None of this means we have to be slaves to work. it is necessary to take a few short breaks between tasks to clear the mind and stretch the muscles.If you wish, take advantage of these short breaks to make a phone call, watch Sunday’s game, or whatever makes you feel better, but be careful not to pause too long, 5 or 10 minutes is enough.


  • Use headphones and listen to your favorite music, is the best way to block out the noise around you without disturbing anyone.Besides, music will help you stay active, alert, and creative, although this will depend very much on the music selection you make.


  • Close the applications you are not using to improve your computer’s performance, so you can work more comfortably and efficiently.Why do I say this?, Primarily because some of the companies where I worked I realized that computers that deliver staff are not exactly the fastest and this happens in many places.Most companies do not renew the hardware as frequently as update the software.This simple tip can help you improve your performance if you suffer from this problem.


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