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Best Workout for Weight Loss

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Lose your weight faster

This post contains some useful workouts to drop your weight easily and faster, just by doing it every day for at least 25 minutes.

The time to perform each rep is 30 seconds and the break time between each rep should be 30 seconds too, perform every exercise for 3 to 4 sets. The key point should be to focus on each workout and perform them as it showed in the pictures below, the rest time between each set should not be exceeded more than 30 seconds.

Jump Squat

Standing position, keep apart your feet hip-width, chest up and core tight, raise your hands to the front and the shoulder height, (A). Jump as high as u can off the ground and swing the arms to the back, (B). Land slowly to the first position and lower yourself, now get ready to the next squat and jump, that is 1 rep and keep it up for 30 seconds.

Walking Lunge

Standing position, feet should be a part to the hip-width, (A). step forward with one of your legs and then another while the body is lower and the knees are bent to 90 degrees (B). press your heel and bring back to the first position and continue, that’s 1 rep.

Dumbbell Push Press

Hold the dumbbells at the height of your shoulders, feet should be in hip-width position, bend your knees slightly, (A). Now push the dumbbells overhead, (B) bring back the dumbbells to the first position that’s 1 rep and continue.

Suspended Row TRX

Hold both rows to the chest area, feet should be apart at shoulder-width position, (A). Pull your body to the anchor point where your shoulder is back and elbows are bend, (B). Having a bit of pause, and return to the first point will be a complete 1 rep.

Band Rotation 

Secure a band a few feet away at the height of your chest, use both hands to grab the handle, and step away to feel the tension.

(A). Arms should be in a straight position, brace the core pull the handle to the right side while rotating your shoulders and hips, (B). Having a bit of pause and then slowly return to the first position that’s a 1 completed rep and continue.

Mountain Climber

Starting at the top of the pushup position, the body should make a straight line, pick one of your feet, now bent it near the chest, return to the first point, and then use another foot to perform it the same way and continue.



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