Challenges Kung Fu Masters – Donnie yen | Ip Man 4 | 1080

Donnie yen Challenges Kung Fu Masters

1964 year. Already middle-aged Ip Man learns that he has cancer, and his son is expelled from school for another fight. Just then Bruce Lee sends the teacher an invitation to the karate championship and a plane ticket to the States.

The great master goes to San Francisco to find a school for his son and at the same time see how the Chinese diaspora lives there.

It turns out that private schools are not accepted without recommendations or large donations, and local kung fu masters are very unhappy with the fact that Bruce Lee is teaching whites and popularizing this martial art.

At this time, one of his students, a US Marine, is trying to prove to his superiors the importance of introducing kung fu into the army training program.

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  • Philip T. Musa says:

    Great fight master Yeen this have showed no nose cent the world of karata.

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