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Top 5 healthy lifestyle tips | step by step

top 5 healthy lifestyle tips

In this article, we found top 5 evidence-based health tips for the readers on improving a healthy lifestyle, implementing these tips will lead you to good health and will change your lifestyle in a better way possible.

Quitting the habit of smoking

it’s been proved how smoking is the main cause of lung cancers, in the meantime, 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking, and this means those who smoke have a greater risk of getting lung cancer. The best way of quitting smoking is to find a partner and pick a deadline.

Consume healthy food (Nutrition

For the healthy growth of the body, everyone needs to eat. We all need different needs for nutrition from being an infant and up to adultery in each stage, our body requires separate eating habits. Normally we need to eat, 3 healthy meals per day but a light dinner, foods should have contained vegetables and low saturated fats.


Being on physical e activity and regular exercise is the main thing when you target your ideal weight. Any kinds of activity for instance whether you are swimming, jogging, or hiking are important for having a healthy body this way you will step up to a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep well

While it comes to a healthy lifestyle it involves more than physical health, it also includes being healthy mentally and emotionally. For 18 and above a human needs to sleep between 7 up to 9 hours. Sleeping better makes you alert, free of stress, and will improve your brain to function well.

Avoid unsafe activities

Those Activities which cause to harm ours body in different ways should be avoided. For instance, driving at speed, or driving car while using mobile at the same time, unhealthy drinks, using drugs…

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