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    Have you ever read your own topic????

    • We are updating it, as the methods might get change from time to time. thank you for the feedback.

  • Raheem Khan says:

    I don’t have an electric id card but I have my passport will it work? my other question is, I don’t have any bank account can I still get payoneer Master card if yes how? Or I have to make a usd azizi bank account . and if I create a bank account will they still send me master card? Plz answer me as fast as you can. on my email or reply to my comment I will come back to see it.

    • Mr.Raheem, Yes it is possible to make a Payoneer account and Master card without E-ID, and also you do not need to have a USD bank account, just after registration you have to select where to receive it, and then u need to place the closest post office’s postal code (make sure it is correct) to receive you Master Card within a month or more. thank you!

  • Raheem Khan says:

    I like your website and your work but please sir answer all my question in above comment. and another question is, The other way you have mentioned pyoneer without bank account if I get payoneer master card without bank account. Can I withdraw my money from azizi bank atms in kabul?

    • Thank you! yes you can withdraw money from any ATMs which supports Master card.

  • Raheem Khan says:

    and can I get 25$ the other way as well the way you mentioned “payoneer without bank account”

  • Raheem Khan says:

    Thank you so much sir.

  • Rahim katawazai says:

    Hi, Sir can you please tell me how many days will it take at the review of my account ofter registration. In my case it has been 10 days since I registered and they have still not reviewed my account. I didn’t get any email yet. Can you plz telk me how many days does it usually take. Should I wait or register again. In the email when I registered its written taht it will take upto 3 business days. But it has been more than 10 days. Sir I will be really happy if you answer.

    • It takes time due to Covid19, every organization’s staff is short at the moment i would suggest wait if still no reply i would recommend filling out another form. thank you.

  • Rahim katawazai says:

    Thank you for the previous information
    Sir when I am filling the form when it comes to the last page of registration where I have to fill my bank details. The currency that I can select is only USD and few more but I can’t select AFN because my master debit card’s currency is AFN will it be okay if I select USD in that, or it is compulsory to have a USD bank account. I hope you will give me the information about it.
    Its Appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • Fazalhaq Omair says:

    I missed of the letter of my name, actually I wrote Fazahaq Omair instead of Fazalhaq Omair.
    and i have summited all the documents to verify my Payoneer account. But still they are under review for a long time.

    • Once you logged into you account, use a scan of your passport to verify you identity, it will take less time. thank you.

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