How to Create PayPal Account in Afghanistan

How to Create Paypal Account in Afghanistan

Can you use PayPal in Afghanistan? 

The answer is yes you need to just follow some steps to Make use of PayPal in a country like Afghanistan .

How to use PayPal in Afghanistan even if it is not supported?

If you are an affiliate marketer, or somehow you are working online and the only option you are going to get paid is PayPal, you may face problems on withdrawing your money if you live in a country that is not supported by PayPal, follow these instructions to solve this issue completely.

Which countries are not supported yet from PayPal?

There is a List in which Afghanistan is Also included among those countries which are not supported yet by PayPal, Don’t worry still there is a chance in which you will be able to get paid using PayPal in your own country.

How to create PayPal Account in Afghanistan is it possible or are there any steps to sign up for PayPal account in Afghanistan?

The main thing in order to get paid by PayPal you need other Parties for instance a third party to transfer money from PayPal to your own country, please follow these steps and then you will be able to fix this issue and get paid from PayPal in an unsupported country not only in Afghanistan.

how to get paid from PayPal in Afghanistan

In order to get pain from PayPal there are below few step to complete follow these stages step by step from first to last correctly.

Steps to sign up for PayPal account in Afghanistan
  • First of all Sign up to PayPal and choose the United States or Canada as your residence country.
  • Then Go to this third-party website and Sign Up for example for Payoneer or others. (You can get paid by Payoneer in Afghanistan as well)
  • Next you need to choose the country in which you currently live, and upload your National Identity Card (ID Card) or electronic ID card.
  • It will take a while and after giving them the right Postal Code of the area where you live they will send you a Master Card to that specific Post Office.
  • When you got the Master Card from the Post Office you need to verify your card and then they will give you a bank account from Bank of America.
  • At this stage Go to PayPal and click on Withdraw.
  • Chose Withdraw to the bank account.
  • Use the banking information from your account.
  • It will take from 3-7 business days for your money transfer to happen.
  • After that, you can get paid by your Local Bank Account or you can take your Master Card with you and use it on any ATM and get paid easily.

At the moment it is not vivid when will they bring PayPal to Afghanistan.

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