How to Speed up Your Android Phone

tricks to speed up your android phone

It is always any android phone user’s dream to make their phone run smoothly, right now the main topic we are going to focus on would be some tricks to speed up your android device, but the question is, are there any ways or tricks to speed up your phone? Since we use our phone on daily basis we may need some applications to install, and make use of them, when we install applications some of them are running in real-time after turning on our phone, hence in this article, we are focusing on some tricks to speed up your android phone as much as possible.

Keep your android phone updated

Updating your phone’s firmware will improve in the performance of your device since the vendor is releasing an update they emphasize a lot on the security and performance of your device, but it’s to say that if your phone is low on storage or and old one then updating is not recommended.

Delete unnecessary applications

always keep your phone clean, delete the apps which you have no use for it because there are a lot of applications which needs to connect to the network even if u hadn’t tapped on and opened it still they are running in the background which will make your phone slower, and keep in mind always use the lite versions of the applications if they were available plus use the clear cache option too to give an extra boost to your phone.

Rethink before installing apps from unknown sources

Every day a lot of apps are being published but many people make false use of it and they try to inject different kinds of viruses inside the apps to steal confidential data from your android phone, so before installing any application always check the authenticity of it.

Sometimes a restart would work

Your phone may store some junk file or temporary files, when you restart your phone it deletes the created files and can give your phone a boost.

Install your applications on internal storage

The reason behind this is because most of the SD cards are slower than internal memory and it will cause your phone to run slower.

Factory reset

It’s one of the best ways to make your device faster, factory reset will speed up your phone if any other basic tricks were not helpful because it will wipe all your data and setting, make sure to backup your necessary data factory resting your phone.

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