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Massoud: There is ‘no other option’ but to fight against the Taliban

The leader of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF), Ahmad Massoud, in associate interview with Atlantic Council aforesaid the religious movement stay tired of either dialogue or reforming its backward ways that.

Massoud additional that there’s ‘no alternative option’ however to fight against the religious movement.

The leader of the National Resistance Front additional that the religious movement don’t believe inclusivity.

Massoud additional that the fighting can continue till the religious movement notice that a military regime or the rule of militants aren’t the sole choices for the state.

He additional that his struggle aboard with the key players within the region didn’t establish peace with the religious movement.

He urged the planet leaders to not be fooled, the religious movement haven’t modified.

Massoud believes the religious movement have didn’t fight against terrorist act, as a result of they hold constant ideology.

Massoud pointed to the Taliban’s apparent sheltering of al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, United Nations agency was killed by a North American country airstrike last week. the very fact that Zawahiri was living in central capital of Afghanistan is “a clear indication that [Taliban leaders] have utterly aligned with such coercion entities and organizations,” Massoud aforesaid.

Other extremist teams, like the Moslem Movement of Republic of Uzbekistan, also are finding cover in Afghanistan, he added

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