Most Useful Tips for Buying a Pen-drive

Tips for Buying a Pen-drive

The USB sticks or simply Pen Drive or USB Drive are devices that are used to transfer data from one computer to another in article you will note some tips when buying a pen-drive. Remember the days when you had to rely on a diskette or CD to store and transfer data to another computer? The copying process to copy data to CDs or floppies was sometimes a little exhausting. Furthermore, this process took too long. Not to mention the little storage space that was never enough for users to copy the necessary data.


Sometimes it was necessary to use multiple CDs or floppy disks so they can copy a lot of data. Thanks to constant innovation in information and technology, pen drives come to be a relief for many users. Its use is predominantly copying and data transfers.

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Some advantages of USB Pen Drives:

  • – Its size is reduced. The latest models are extremely small.
  • – No dirt. Do not worry about cleaning is not necessary, beyond what you can do for aesthetics.
  • Much more light than other external storage devices.
  • Quick transfer of your data, transfer data to and from your computer very quickly, making them very efficient for work.
  • – Achieve store large amount of data and are a good alternative as a backup for your computer. 


Purchasing a pen drive is a fact that deserves some attention and you, the buyer in the condition, you should know some things about it. Consider the following tips that may help you when buying a good pen drive.


Know your needs and not these Tips while buying a pen-drive:


Memory Size

 First, decide that for which purpose you need a removable disk. If your requirements are higher like carrying the HD movies or animations then probably you will require the pen-drive or USB Drive with high storage capacities like 16 GB, 256 GB, or 1 TB. If you want to use the pen-drive for just the sake of transferring temporary data in between your personal computers and other devices then the pen-drive with 4 GB or 8 GB is most suitable for your needs.



This is another factor that matters a lot which choosing the best pen-drive for you. Well, nowadays pen-drives are coming with high speed with the support of USB 3.0 speed which transfers data up to 150MB/s so you if you need to care about the speed that much.


Cache or not

 This cache mechanism provides you high data transfer rates so this is another most important factor while buying the USB Drive or pen-drive.


For what you are using a pen drive?

If I were to use it regularly to transfer only a small amount of data, a pen drive of 4GB or 8GB will suffice. The pen drives are available in different types of storage, from 512 MB to TBs. The pen drives with large storage capacity have no astronomical cost and can be extremely useful for backup in case your computer resolves format. However, many people use USB drives with only 4 or 8 GB of storage for a reasonable amount of stored audio files, files video, and other data. 


Password Protection

For the convenience of users of pen drives, manufacturers added to current traditional use, some features such as password protection. It can use passwords to protect some of your files and folders in your pen drive and to gain greater protection and safety. So, if you find a need for this feature in your pen drive, then be specific in your search criteria so that you can buy a pen drive with this feature without having to spend a lot more for it. 


Read the user reviews

The best way to find a lot of information about various types of pen drives is to read the reviews on various internet websites. Normally, you will get an overview of the different characteristics of different pen drives, their performance, and their prices. 



Most pen drives come with a one-year warranty. However, you should check these tips before buying a pen-drive.

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