Pi Network in Afghanistan

Pi Network in Afghanistan

Pi Network Price in Afghanistan

Before we jump into the main topic it is better to know a little about the pi network. Since the Pi network is the newcomer to the world of Cryptocurrencies, we will discuss its price and value, how it works, does pi network gives value to users, the pi network in Afghanistan, and more.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital currency which, in theory, it is giving more power to and control to the person who is sending it and the recipient in any transaction, i.e. cutting out the middle man.

Now in order to transfer your traditional currency to someone in the world, it won’t be possible without using some form of medium, either having a bank account or other financial services like Western Union, with that being said all these transactions come with some fees but in Crypto case, it is designed to bypass.

 About Pi Network

A team of Stanford University doctors and graduates started this project and they aimed to allow everyone in the world has access to cryptocurrency. Pi Network brand new first-of-its-kind Crypto mining app specifically designed for mobile devices.

By the time you or I could get on board, Pi’s value will get tremendously higher and to a point where to get cryptocurrency, we had to exchange our money to get it.

Right now without spending your money, you can mine Pi free since this is the beginning stage but things may get changed in the future.

You can read the white paper the team put out to learn the complete technical reason behind Pi and a detailed overview of what Pi is all about.

Or you can also watch this short video for introduction;

How Does Pi Network Works?

At first, you need to download the application from Google Play or App Store.

After downloading the mobile application to get verified you should enter your real identity by connecting your Facebook account or your cellphone number, this way the team will know you are not a bot.

After the above process, a referral code is needed without the referral code you can’t mine Pi, you can get a referral Code from friends, family members, or social groups, and next you will be able to start mining Pi.

Once you are logged in to the Pi Network App then you don’t have to sign in when every time you need to open to App.

However, to make your account stronger you are able to make a strong password to protect your Pi Network account for strengthening and securing in the future.

To cover the costs of the server right now during Clicking on the Mine button inside the app Ads will show but they are optional and you can turn off the option by clicking on the Profile => Ads and then turn off the Ads icon. It hasn’t been made clear if the core team intends to drop the Ads when Phase 3 of crypto starts. When the cryptocurrency starts a portion of the total supply will go to the developers.

There is nothing to say not to trust this App right now but remember, it is still in beta so not much being offered as of now. As of now, this is what mining Pi requires and controls over the system.

Pioneers influencing power

Source; Reddit

Levels of Mining Pi

There are three levels for Pi mining which depends on the App’s user Circle;

  • Pioneer; this is the starting stage for a new user.
  • Contributor; after a user completes and earns Pi on 3 seasons, they will be able to build their security circle which will mine faster than the Pioneer mining rate.
  • Ambassador; this is another phase for a user which they are able to mine Pi at a higher rate once they invite new members to the Pi Network.

Phases of The Pi Network

As it was planned, there are 3 phases projected for Pi Network before it hits value in the market which is the third Phase.

  • Phase 1; Design, Distribute and Bootstrap
  • Phase 2; Testnet
  • Phase 3; Mainnet

As of February 23, 2021, the Pi Network is in Phase 2.

This means Pi is still in its testing mode once it enters into the third Phase which is the final Phase that would mean all the testing phase and mode is completed. The third phase would a stage where a user is able to exchange their Pi for currency.

Pi Nework Road map

Pi Network Roadmap

How Much Pi Coin is Generated per day

Pi Network called the 13 million pioneers engaged to the platform. With that amount, 86,400,000 Pi Coins are generated per single day.

Pi creates a fixed supply of Pi for each user that joins the Pi Network up to the first 100 Million participants… released over the lifetime of that member, so the mined amount is just only a fraction of the total supply.

Additionally, there is also a developer cache which is 25% of the Supply for mining + supply for referrals.

It should be noted that coins aren’t being generated. The mining creates a claim amount for the future cryptocurrency.

Pie Coin Per day

Source; Reddit

Evaluation of Pi in Afghanistan

Same like other countries over the world the Pi Network spread rapidly, and with passing each day thousands of people in Afghanistan download and joins the Pi Network App and start mining Pi coins.

Pi might be an evolutionary piece in human history and people with faithfulness in their hearts are just happy for being a part of the new invention and hoping for its opportunities.

The main reason for joining this platform and project is social media awareness and Facebook groups, people share their referral links with reasons for joining the Pi network and explains how the Pi Network works.

Price of a Pi Coin in Afghanistan

As of right now, it is not worth anything this is what every cryptocurrency was going through the stage when it first emerged, Pi cannot be bought or sold for money and is not yet on any exchange.

Pi network has currently 13 million users and it is still in its beta stage which is the second phase according to the Pi project which is in the very early stages.

According to the website (Walletinvistor), it is considered that;

1 PI to AFN or how much Afghan Afghani (AFN) is 1 PiCoin (PI)? Stated below;

1 PiCoin = 2.062352 Afghan Afghani (AFN)

Date (today): 23. February 2021

check the list below;

PI [PiCoin] = AFN [Afghan Afghani]
0.01 PiCoin = 0.020624 Afghan Afghani
0.1 PiCoin = 0.206235 Afghan Afghani
1 PiCoin = 2.062352 Afghan Afghani
2 PiCoin = 4.124704 Afghan Afghani
3 PiCoin = 6.187056 Afghan Afghani
5 PiCoin = 10.311760 Afghan Afghani
10 PiCoin = 20.623519 Afghan Afghani
20 PiCoin = 41.247038 Afghan Afghani
50 PiCoin = 103.117595 Afghan Afghani
100 PiCoin = 206.235190 Afghan Afghani
1000 PiCoin = 2062.352 Afghan Afghani
Pi coin value in Indian Rupee

As of today 03.10.2021 Pi price in India is predicated as below;

PI [PCHAIN] INR [Indian Rupee]
0.01 PCHAIN = 0.018078 Indian Rupee
0.1 PCHAIN = 0.180779 Indian Rupee
1 PCHAIN = 1.807794 Indian Rupee
2 PCHAIN = 3.615588 Indian Rupee
3 PCHAIN = 5.423381 Indian Rupee
5 PCHAIN = 9.038969 Indian Rupee
10 PCHAIN = 18.077938 Indian Rupee
20 PCHAIN = 36.155876 Indian Rupee
50 PCHAIN = 90.389689 Indian Rupee
100 PCHAIN = 180.779378 Indian Rupee
1000 PCHAIN = 1807.794 Indian Rupee
Pi coin value in Pakistani Rupee

As of today 03.10.2021 Pi price in Pakistan is predicated as below;

PI [PCHAIN] PKR [Pakistani Rupee]
0.01 PCHAIN = 0.039012 Pakistani Rupee
0.1 PCHAIN = 0.390120 Pakistani Rupee
1 PCHAIN = 3.901201 Pakistani Rupee
2 PCHAIN = 7.802403 Pakistani Rupee
3 PCHAIN = 11.703604 Pakistani Rupee
5 PCHAIN = 19.506007 Pakistani Rupee
10 PCHAIN = 39.012014 Pakistani Rupee
20 PCHAIN = 78.024028 Pakistani Rupee
50 PCHAIN = 195.060071 Pakistani Rupee
100 PCHAIN = 390.120142 Pakistani Rupee
1000 PCHAIN = 3901.201 Pakistani Rupee

Note; the upper charts will be updated , as the Pichain or Picoin price predication in the world changes.

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