Plov with Roasted Carrots

Plov with Roasted Carrots

also known as Lamb Plov, Uzbek Chicken Recipe, Osh Plov Recipe, Samarkand Plov, Tajik Plov Recipe.

Make delicious & aromatic Veal plov with roasted Carrots & Nuts with this simple & easy recipe. Very few ingredients are needed to make this recipe yet it tastes great. Add this tasty rice recipe to your cuisine & enjoy a healthy, fragrant & yummy rice dish.


  • Rice 600-700gm
  • veal meat 500gm(with bones)
  • oil 1/2cup+1tbsp
  • black peppers
  • cloves
  • cinnamon sticks
  • coriander seeds 1tsp
  • salt 1tsp+1tbsp
  • black pepper powder 1tbsp
  • carrot 1(julienne)
  • raisins 25
  • mix nuts 1/2 cup
  • onion 1 medium


Wash & soak rice in water for 1 hour.

Add in a pressure cooker, veal meat, 1tsp salt, coriander seeds, 6 cloves, 6 black peppers & 3-4 cinnamon sticks. Add 1.5-liter water & boil it until the meat becomes tender. When the meat is fully cooked, take it out in a bowl & sieve the stock in another bowl. Keep these aside.

To make rice, heat 1/2 cup oil in a wok. Add the thinly sliced onion in it & fry on a medium flame for 3-4 minutes. Then add 5-6 cloves, 4-5 black peppers & 3 cinnamon sticks in it. Mix & fry until the onions are golden brown. Add 1/4 cup water & cook for 1-2 minutes. Mix the meat in it & cook for 5-6 minutes, then add 600-700ml stock & let it boil.

Drain water from the rice & mix these in the stock. Cook the rice on medium flame until the stock dries out completely. Stir in between. When stock dries out, cover the wok & let the rice simmer on a very low flame for 10 minutes. When cooked completely, turn off the flame & mix gently.

To make roasted carrots & nuts, heat 1tbsp oil in a pan, add & fry carrots in it for 1 minute. Then add the nuts, mix well & fry for 1 more minute. Add raisins, mix & turn off the flame.

Serve the plov in a platter & add the roasted carrot & nuts in it. Very fragrant & delicious veal plov is ready.

-by E Cooking.

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