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Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban in Afghanistan

Taliban in Afghanistan: Taliban are currently leading the government’s security forces in Kabul. This is because Afghanistan is a landlocked country, and therefore difficult to get to as well as difficult for them to carry out an attack. The capital city has been locked up since August, and therefore, there is a lot of fear over what other terrorists can do in this time.

However, Taliban have made some progress which may be viewed as positive. For example, they signed peace agreements with representatives from Al Qaeda, who were killed by US special operations forces on November 4. There was also violence against religious places on November 11. Furthermore, on November 18, Taliban issued a statement that said the Afghan parliament would continue until the presidential elections will take place in January 2021 and that it will not accept defeat at any cost.

Also on November 20, Taliban issued another statement saying their members will go back home if all international sanctions on them are lifted and not until they have given themselves the opportunity to be heard and act. It is important that these discussions be focused on allowing the Taliban to act within the law, which requires the military to be present in Kabul for the talks. Another point for consideration is that most people believe that the Taliban and the Taliban officials are trying to play politics and make sure that they win and become even more powerful to prevent the government from taking part in any negotiation. However, given the current state, and therefore, situation, it seems likely that they may succeed in holding off, but only after negotiations are carried out and the opposition wins their seats again.

The Taliban are known to be very cruel and brutal people, so it is unsurprising that Afghans are deeply concerned about the situation and the recent violent incidents. Unfortunately, there is no solution now, just a partial one, where the Taliban will have to keep trying until they’re finally defeated. They’ve already tried once and failed spectacularly and are still trying again, but ultimately they’ll come to nothing at all. With the help of American and British governments, especially America, UK and Pakistan, many countries are attempting to negotiate, or help the Taliban get back on their feet, but it’s unlikely that negotiations will end without peace in Afghanistan and full participation in national elections. So, we cannot rule that the Taliban is in reality preparing to get worse, possibly much worse.

Afghanistan: A peaceful, stable, democratic nation that holds great potential, but sadly the Taliban have a major flaw in their nature. These people are extremely cruel and brutal with each other and with outsiders, and their way of doing things may be described as barbaric. The Taliban may try again and fail spectacularly, and then all the while lose more allies from foreign nations, perhaps even to the US and Britain. Yet again there’s no possible solution, except for a complete surrender by the Taliban and the return of all members of society in Kabul. However, this is the same level of brutality of the Taliban back in 2001 when they seized total power from the previous president, so, again, the Taliban will try again and again, but eventually, there will be no escape. If and when they surrender, they will do it wholeheartedly and completely.

The Taliban always have two options: either break all ties with Afghanistan and let us see what would happen, or give the promises they made. Their second option is obviously the true and correct one, but we have seen how disastrous it has been for them, both with the previous administration and with the last leader of the Taliban. Even if the Taliban do give in completely, they will never be able to regain Afghanistan’s position as the strongest nation in Central Asia and will continue to remain tied to foreign powers for very extended periods. Therefore, while it’s worth making a long march and demanding peace, the truth is, they probably shouldn’t be trusted to get anything done. That is why we need patience but also hope. We’ve already seen the consequences of giving up their land and giving into their whims. One day, they’ll realise that we don’t really want them to stay forever, that we’re not going to be happy until they go away. Our future lies in our hands. And if they keep on being ruthless and mean, then Afghanistan is doomed to fall apart. So, patience, hope, and trust are required.

Afghanistan: We must protect ourselves from this threat and ensure we continue living a life worthy of the freedom we celebrate. If we don’t, Afghanistan may soon turn into a hellish nightmare.

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