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The Top 6 Weight Loss Beginner Exercises

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The 6 best weight loss beginner exercises

This article is consist of some beginner effective workouts to drop some pounds. just by doing it every day for 25 minutes. start your workout by doing as many reps as possible for 30 seconds, then rest for another 30 seconds for 3 or 4 sets, and then continue to another exercise. remember to focus on each workout and perform them as it showed on the pictures, performing each rep with focus and the rest time between each set should not be exceeded more than 30 seconds. all the workouts are followed step by step;

  • The first exercise will be dumbbell skier swing

hold dumbbells and in standing position hip-width feet apart, now pushing your hips to the back by bringing the weights behind you, (A) then thrust your hips forward and swing the dumbbells to shoulder heights, squeeze your glutes and straighten your legs (B), now this is a completed 1 Rep and then continue.

  • the second exercise is dumbbell Goblet squat

stand feet hip-width, hold the dumbbell at the front of your chest area, (A) hips to the back, knees bent for the squat (B) now push yourself to the starting position, and that will be 1 rep and then continue.

  • the third exercise is Suspended pushups TRX

(A) bend elbow like doing pushups, (B) push back to the start position, it will be 1 rep and then continue.

  • the fourth exercise is Dumbbell Row

(A) pull the dumbbells toward the chest (B) push back to the starting point, this will be 1 rep and then continue.

  • the fifth exercise is body Saw

(A) body in a straight line position, pushing feet away, (B) pulling feet back to the starting point, that will be 1 rep and the continue

  • the sixth exercise is Jump Rope

this workout should start slowly, once you are all set, perform it as quickly as possible. Now having a 30 seconds break between the sets and then continue it.

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