Top 5 eCommerce Software Alternatives to Create an Online Stores

5 eCommerce Online Stores

One sector that is having a major push in recent times is online trade. The percentage of people who increasingly buy more items from online eCommerce Stores is growing every year and this leads many to wonder about the possibilities when setting up shop online. There are Top 5 software alternatives that can help start the path so as not to have to bear high costs. So let’s look at five alternative free software to create an online store.

Managing an online store is not an issue that requires good planning because there are many factors to be taken into account when providing our choice, such as ease of payment methodsmanaging store inventory, or incorporating design possibilities. We will follow the recommendations of our fellow SME Technology that group are experts in these matters.

  1. Magento:

  2. Prestashop

  3. OSCommerce:

  4. VirtueMart

  5. OpenCart



This is a solution based on PHP, MySQL, and Apache we can download and evaluate our equipment with minimal knowledge. Demo versions are also available where we can see the operation of both the client and administrator. For a more complete analysis, we are in Create your online store with Magento, where have all the details of this solution.


Another project is also based on the same technology as the previous one, designed to implement online shopping simple, requiring no software too complicated in-store management. However, they offer a wide range of possibilities, as we see in PrestaShop: ideal for implementing the first company online store where you can find everything a detailed analysis of the application.


For many the leading platform for open-source software for e-commerce. Many think it is too heavy and then the store takes too long to load. The truth is that it is a complete and flexible solution very, very interesting if we start small, but that is likely to grow. Among other things gives us the ability to have a number of categories and unlimited products and several means of payment. With good support from the community and to facilitate installation tutorials we lack, as they told us in osCommerce: a leading platform to implement an online store.


In itself not an online store option, but a complement to Joomla we implemented the online store within this versatile content management system. It is a very interesting option since we provide the versatility of having a content management system which adds company information, shop, create a blog or a news section, forums and more. All this in addition to the online store. One option that I like the option that implements cross-selling as we detailed in Virtuemart: Joomla Plug to create an online store.


This is the simplest option of all to set up a small shop that does not have too many items or sections and to enable us to keep the business open 24 hours without unduly complicate. It’s a good choice to start online trading on their own, without depending on others. The main drawback to this shop, as we commented in OpenCart: simple and complete online store manager, is the lack of templates to customize the store.

There are many more options within the free eCommerce Software rather then Top 5 eCommerce Online Stores when starting to trade online, as Ecwid or BigCommerce as well as Shopify of course which is also valid when creating your online store. The factors of choice between them will be as mentioned an option depending on the tastes and needs of each. The manageability of the store, for me, is a major factor when choosing between one and the other. If we are to succeed in online commerce there are many aspects that must be considered and therefore it is always good to compare several options available.

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