Top 5 Free Website Builders 2021

Top 5 free website builders 2021

A website, which was once the need of a few, has now become the necessity of almost all the business setups and entrepreneurs which reminds us to introduce the Top 5 Free Website builders 2021.

There are also certain individuals who require their own site for their work or hobbies. But, most of them spend a large chunk of money on web developers to build a site for them.

best free website builder for small business uk

What they might not know is that there are many free website builders or web building tools out there, utilizing which they can create their own perfectly good sites. And to use them, you do not even have to be computer geniuses or any such thing, as these tools can guide even the dummies through their simple yet efficient interfaces during the web building process.


Here are some of the best free website builders you should know about and below are the Top 5 Free Website builders 2021:


  1. Weebly
  2. Wix
  3. Webs
  4. Webnode
  5. Moonfruit



When Weebly is one of the top-ranking websites when it comes to website building. it certainly drove home the point about its potential. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive entity offering a number of web building tools and even hosting services. In addition, it also allows for editing of CSS and HTML of any site.



wix free website builder

This website builder was released in 2008, and since then has become one of the favorites among web developers. What makes this tool stand apart from the rest is its ability to make cool flash sites within few minutes. One does not even have to think about the designing part or come up with new designs, as the site itself provides ready-made templates which can be edited and customized to suit every need.



free website builder software

It is one of the oldest website builders available, with its inception going as far back as 2001. It has since evolved to provide a variety of hosting as well as website building tools, along with some good apps, which can suit almost all the needs.



best free mobile website builder

It is one of the largest web building tools, with millions of users and support with different languages. This provides an array of themes to suit every need from business to personal, and numerous gadgets and widgets. It scores over its rivals due to its simple interface and clearly laid out functions.



best free website builder canada

This is a very useful site for non-technical users, which is defined by its tagline of “Pick a design. Launch your site” it especially for those who want a hassle-free process to create a great and well-performed site.

Moonfruit partners with various other companies like PayPal, Getty images, etc. to provide a comprehensive website building experience. Based in London, this boasts of staggering millions of sites running on its platform.


Hope these free, quick and useful website building tools will provide you with a no-nonsense approach towards website building.

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