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Upper Body Stretching Routine

Upper Body Stretching Routine

Top 10 Upper Body Stretching Routine

In Upper Body Stretching Routine all the focus is on the muscles which are above the hip and waist.This routine is useful for the upper body because we usually use it a lot throughout the day, If you work more than usual on your upper body and it has stress, then it is important to try this stretching routine.

  1. dynamic twist
  2. dynamic reach back and turn
  3. Wall reaching routine 
  4. Bending and pushing the elbow
  5. Chin drop routine
  6. Arm across
  7. Kneeling shoulder push
  8. The scoop routine
  9. Head tilt routine (Seated)
  10. Lie and arch stretch

Dynamic Twist

  • Stand up position, feet should be shoulder-width.
  • Now rotate your body slowly to one side
  • Moving back to the first position
  • Repeat this with another side of the bodydynamic twist

Dynamic Reach Back and Turn

  • Body in standing position with an arm to the side where it should be at the shoulder height
  • Hold to a subject like a wall or a door
  • Move your body away slowly and squeeze the shoulder blades.
  • Return to the first position
  • Use another arm and do the same routine dynamic reach back and turn

Wall Reaching Routine 

  • Standing position
  • One of the body sides should face the wall or an object in which you could reach your hands by leaning to the side
  • Duration of this routine should be 15-30 seconds
  • Repeat the same routine on the other side of the bodyWall reaching routine

Bending and Pushing the Elbow

  • Body in a standing position where the arm is upper the head
  • Now bend the elbow reach your hand between the shoulder blades and push the elbow back with another hand
  • Stretching time to perform this routine is 15-30 seconds
  • Use your another arm and repeat the above trickBending and pushing the elbow

Chin Drop Routine

  • Slowly drop the chin diagonally to the armpit side in which your head’s backside is toward the ceiling
  • Slowly move back your head to the normal position
  • Same routine with the other side
  • Time to perform this routine on each side should be between 1-3 secondsChin drop routine

Arm Across

  • Standing position where the feet are apart
  • Slowly bring on the arms across your body at the chest height
  • Release the stretch and move your arm back to the first position
  • Repeat this routine with another arm
  • Perform this routine in the duration of 1-3 secondsArm across

Kneeling Shoulder Push

  • Use your knees and hands to kneel on the floor
  • Push one of your shoulders slowly toward the floor.
  • Move the shoulder level with another shoulder to release the stretch
  • Repeat the same routine with another side of the body
  • Preforming time is 1-3 secondsKneeling shoulder push

The Scoop Routine

  • Sitting position where legs are slightly bent in the front area
  • Hold the stretch
  • Perform this routine for at least 15-30 secondsThe scoop routine

Head Tilt Routine (Seated)

  • Body in a Sitting position, legs slightly bent
  • Touch the floor slowly and drop your head to one side
  • Repeat the routine with another side
  • Perform and hold the stretch for 15-30 secondsHead tilt routine (Seated)

Lie and Arch Stretch

  • Body in lie-down position on the floor
  • Extend both legs and arms far away slowly
  • Back in arching position with ribs a little lifted
  • Hold on to this position and stretch for at least 15-30 secondsLie and arch stretch

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