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War on Ukraine

The war on Ukraine has been going on for a century and it’s time to end this old thing.

The whole world is talking about sanctions and Russia is one of the biggest offenders, because they have so much wealth and influence in every country around the globe. They have also been involved in the war in Ukrainian territory from 1941 until 1991.

Let us stop the war on Kiev immediately! There are no more excuses, there is only peace. We must stop using force against anyone, anywhere, but with Crimea and the Crimea people! In all wars there are always casualties, the Crimean population is no exception.

The war against Azerbaijan started seven years ago. It was supposed to be a temporary war, but two weeks later that war came back to haunt Azerbaijan once again with its latest attack – shelling settlements close to civilians in southern Armenians’ territory. But then Moscow pulled out of the talks with Baku and promised nothing to the war in the south of Caucasus.

The same thing happened with the eastern part of Karabakh. What is happening now with Crimea is not right. A small country should not become a huge military state. Instead of sending troops to fight their enemies in other countries, why has Russia started a new war on its neighbor? Even these terrorists and mercenaries have given up fighting for themselves.

So what are we even doing here? Why does someone want to make Russian borders even more important than our own? And so far, nothing has changed. In fact, our enemy Putin is ready to continue his offensive against us. That means there will be another war soon, which would be completely unnecessary.

How can we get anything worth saving to our nation if we live under constant attacks? If I were you, I would start looking for ways to leave Crimea. My beloved motherland would no longer be safe from invasion, but I still love my land, my homeland.

All those who think that Russia wants to keep Crimea as a sphere of influence are just misguided. Many nations around Eurasia are already in talks to gain control of Crimea. Most nations from Western Europe and Central Asia are interested in getting closer to the East; China is trying to expand its presence there while Turkey is pursuing its interest in the Black Sea. With or without a direct military intervention in the conflict in the Caucasus, such actions can cause great damage to us and our economy.

This is an opportunity for NATO to take over the mission of defending Europe from invasion by making the best use possible of Russian resources rather than leaving them alone. We can put ourselves on the side of the European Union in case the need arises.

Not only will Putin not suffer any personal consequences, he will not even notice when his plans come crashing down on him. The Eastern Europeans are also interested in being able to obtain better access to energy supplies, energy resources. These days, Russia’s oil exports account for 70% of global oil supplies. For example, Turkey, through its gas pipelines, wants to reach the Mediterranean sea, which accounts for 40% of the global natural gas market. Then, in order to meet their needs for fuel and energy, Russia is building the Trans Adriatic pipeline for the first time.

Meanwhile, Italy is preparing to build the Suez Canal passing across between North and South America. We must join efforts to achieve our common goals, to protect Europe, to have access to clean energy supplies and to ensure security for all our citizens.

Our foreign ministers should set the conditions on which NATO becomes operational. Those who wish to remain in Russia after the war we have just fought should have left before the beginning. But they have to understand what the future brings with us. Only war can save us!

By Lorna Martin-Lampilly

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