What Is 404 Error & How To Fix 404 Error

How To Fix 404 Error

What is 404 Error and how to fix it » Introduction


 Many times while surfing on the internet we often came across the very popular error called the 404 Error. So let’s discuss what actually the 404 error is and how to fix 404 error ? Talking in very simple language it is nothing but simply the file not found error.


404 Error in Technical Aspects

When we enter any website URL into our browser or click on any link on the internet we are actually requesting a particular resource on the internet from the respective server.


And the resource, in this case, maybe any webpage or other media like a song, video, or anything else that you are searching for. So when you type a particular website address or click on any link, we actually send Http Request to that respective server, and if that server has the data that the client is requesting, it grants the client’s Http Request and sends the data back to the client, that is what exactly website is in case of the client. But have you ever thought that what if that server doesn’t contain the data that the client is requesting for..?? In this case, this will return “404 Error.



Many times what happens is the data which is outdated or obsolete are removed from the server and the link related to that data still remains on many different sites on the internet. So whenever it demands such data or click on such links (dead links or broken links ) the error occurred is called the 404 error.


404 error doesn’t mean that the client could not establish the connection with the server this is a common misconception among the people have but this is 100 per false. 404 error means the requested content is not available on the server at that period of time.


Those content might be available in the future but there is no guarantee that the same content will be display on the server again. One should not be confused with the “server not found” and the 404 error.


These two are totally different from each other. Now you might have a question about why it is 404 why it is not 100 or something other than that, so each digit from the 404 has some significance.

While communicating through HTTP server needs to give a response for every request of the client in the form of numeric, optional, mandatory, and disallowed messages.


Similarly, 404 is one of the response codes from the server to the client where the first digit 4 indicates the mistype URL (uniform resource locator) and the last two digits indicate the specific error occurs.

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